Spring is a favorite for so many people.

We have gotten very adept at making our homes comfortable year round,

but when it comes to outdoor environments we’re still

subject to nature’s whims.

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I  guess the reason we love spring is because it’s the

season where it feels good to be outdoors again……….

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L 072

and not only does it feel good, it’s a gorgeous
Easter Sunday.

today 026

Since My Irises are blooming so beautiful, I want to share a short poem about the ”Iris.”

The Iris is a pretty flower,

It doesn’t last for long

They’re here in May (April this year)

I find, I turn around – they’re gone.

today 017

They come in purple and dark blue,

also yellow too.

The fleur is French for flower, see,

and lis is French for lily.

2012-04-08 today


L 009

I pick and arrange, you see,

A lovely bouquet in a vase.

Their color always speaks to me,

and they always, always amaze.

~Christine Crowley~

L 021

We’ve had a beautiful and restful Easter Sunday,

I hope that you have as well.

Happy Easter!

See you soon!

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Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi Mary! I agree that people are happier in spring! A little warm fresh air and sunshine goes a long way! You iris are lovely. That's a charming poem too! I hope your week is going great!

Thank's for your comment!

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