Road Trip Out West II

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I’m a little slow getting this post together, but it’s been a very busy summer and I’m trying to take advantage of every minute of this wonderful warm and sunny weather. I know fall is just around the corner and after that old man winter returns…. after the winters we’ve been having,  it seems like forever until it’s warm again. 

We are entering Utah and Nevada deserts, the colors and textures are so different from our landscape, here in the south.





We spent the day in Virginia City Nevada.  It looked and felt like you were stepping back in time….just like it did on Bonanza! 


Lake Tahoe was too beautiful to describe.  The water was so blue that it looked almost artificial.


The CA Hwy 89 travels north from South Lake Tahoe toward Tahoe City, climbing over the mountain's edge just above scenic Emerald Bay.  I have to say, it was one of the scariest roads I have ever been on.  The scenery is gorgeous, but in places it’s a straight drop off into the lake.




Albert enjoyed swimming in Lake Tahoe…they had several dog friendly beaches.  After exploring and enjoying Lake Tahoe and Lake Tahoe City….we’re on the road again to Clear Lake California!


We made it….to Northern California!  It was a long journey, but oh so worth it!

My daughter takes this little glass on all of her travels. (You can never have too much HAPPY!) After this trip…it shows up in all of her photo’s.


She made hotel reservations for us to stay in Sonoma at a beautiful old Spanish hotel that was near the lovely wine country.  We had a wonderful time visiting different wineries and seeing the beautiful vineyards…winding through the hills and Sonoma valley, doing what we like best…tasting different wonderful wines. Our first visit was to the Ferrari-Curano Vineyards and Winery in Sonoma Valley.  The gardens, vineyards and Winery were absolutely gorgeous. I’m hoping the recent earthquake didn’t harm any of these beautiful wineries. We were amazed by the dry conditions in Northern CA. I’m almost certain the prices of wine will increase substantially.  After seeing the devastation left from some of the wildfires in California I vowed I would never complain about the rain again.  

Well folks, I apologize if I overloaded you with photo’s today, but I will conclude our road trip out west next week.

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great TGIF!

xo Mary

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Road Trip Out West

During the month of July, my husband and I decided we would like to take a road trip and visit our daughter and son in law who live in Clear Lake, California.  She has been doing traveling nursing in Cali for almost a year now, and since her contract is almost up, we thought it would be the perfect time to take a road trip.  

We stopped at the cottage first, mapped out our route and basically winged the rest.  We would check out towns and cities that we thought were interesting, make hotel reservations and stay for a few days, and then be on our way. Here’s some photo’s of the first places we stayed.


Abilene Kansas

Our first over night stop was in Abilene Kansas, the home and birthplace of former President Eisenhower.  We ate at his favorite restaurant, toured his boy hood home, and Presidential Library.

Denver, CO.

As we drove through Denver, I was surprised that snow would still be on the mountains.  I’m not sure if it ever completely goes away. By the way… I thought Colorado was beautiful.


It was starting to rain….





Vail, Co.

We stopped and toured Vail….gorgeous! 


Vail, Co.

This little guy insisted on being our helper. Yes, our little buddy came with us, and he was a great little traveler.


Glenwood Springs, Co.

Our view every morning from our hotel.


Glenwood Springs, Co.

We spend several days in Glenwood Springs, Co.  It was such a lovely town….I also thought it was fascinating that the Colorado River ran through the middle of town..

Glenwood Springs, Co.

We walked up a dirt road that was 1/2 mile (wagon road) to view Dr. Holliday’s grave site, he was only 36 years of age when he died of tuberculosis.  He was one of the most famous Western Gun Fighter’s, who actually came to Glenwood Springs to bath in the hot springs.  He thought it had healing powers.

If you visit Glenwood Springs you must eat at Dr. Holliday’s Bar in town….and ask for the prime rib sandwich. It’s very GOOD and…it’s not listed on the menu….you will have to ask. 

Glenwood Springs, Co.

We met several people, with dogs, that actually hike up this mountain every week. What a work out! I had to stop several times and take a little break, some of the elevation was nearly 1100 feet.

We met some folks that follow Guy Fieri, from Food Network, and they had eaten at Rick’s CafĂ© in our hometown.  They were telling us about their favorite places they enjoyed visiting in KY.  It’s surprising how much you have in common with complete strangers…. you meet along the way.

Glenwood Springs, Co.

Albert and I on our way down…it was much easier this time.



I would go back for another visit….it’s a neat place.



Next up…..Utah!   (Part II)

This will be all for today…but I will be posting more soon.

I hope you have a wonderful week ! xo


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