Road Trip Out West

During the month of July, my husband and I decided we would like to take a road trip and visit our daughter and son in law who live in Clear Lake, California.  She has been doing traveling nursing in Cali for almost a year now, and since her contract is almost up, we thought it would be the perfect time to take a road trip.  

We stopped at the cottage first, mapped out our route and basically winged the rest.  We would check out towns and cities that we thought were interesting, make hotel reservations and stay for a few days, and then be on our way. Here’s some photo’s of the first places we stayed.


Abilene Kansas

Our first over night stop was in Abilene Kansas, the home and birthplace of former President Eisenhower.  We ate at his favorite restaurant, toured his boy hood home, and Presidential Library.

Denver, CO.

As we drove through Denver, I was surprised that snow would still be on the mountains.  I’m not sure if it ever completely goes away. By the way… I thought Colorado was beautiful.


It was starting to rain….





Vail, Co.

We stopped and toured Vail….gorgeous! 


Vail, Co.

This little guy insisted on being our helper. Yes, our little buddy came with us, and he was a great little traveler.


Glenwood Springs, Co.

Our view every morning from our hotel.


Glenwood Springs, Co.

We spend several days in Glenwood Springs, Co.  It was such a lovely town….I also thought it was fascinating that the Colorado River ran through the middle of town..

Glenwood Springs, Co.

We walked up a dirt road that was 1/2 mile (wagon road) to view Dr. Holliday’s grave site, he was only 36 years of age when he died of tuberculosis.  He was one of the most famous Western Gun Fighter’s, who actually came to Glenwood Springs to bath in the hot springs.  He thought it had healing powers.

If you visit Glenwood Springs you must eat at Dr. Holliday’s Bar in town….and ask for the prime rib sandwich. It’s very GOOD and…it’s not listed on the menu….you will have to ask. 

Glenwood Springs, Co.

We met several people, with dogs, that actually hike up this mountain every week. What a work out! I had to stop several times and take a little break, some of the elevation was nearly 1100 feet.

We met some folks that follow Guy Fieri, from Food Network, and they had eaten at Rick’s CafĂ© in our hometown.  They were telling us about their favorite places they enjoyed visiting in KY.  It’s surprising how much you have in common with complete strangers…. you meet along the way.

Glenwood Springs, Co.

Albert and I on our way down…it was much easier this time.



I would go back for another visit….it’s a neat place.



Next up…..Utah!   (Part II)

This will be all for today…but I will be posting more soon.

I hope you have a wonderful week ! xo


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Art in the Garden

Hi Friends,

We’re back at the lake cottage for a couple of days….two times in less than a month!

Anyway, this morning I decided I was going to work on a piece of art that’s been on my to do list.

I think this quote by leonardo da vinci says it all….if your spirit isn’t in it, there’s no art.  My spirit has been somewhere else for some time now, and I’m really trying to get it back. 

 Art in the Garden-009 

  What a perfect beautiful, summer morning!  It’s the perfect morning to get an art project completed.

Art in the Garden-001


 Art in the Garden-006


Art in the Garden-005


Art in the Garden-003

While I’m trying to concentrate on my art…..

  Art in the Garden

this little guy started singing…..

Art in the Garden

and Mr. Wasp definitely caught my attention…….

Art in the Garden-001

and these little guys can be very annoying….

Art in the Garden

This little guy stopped by…..

Art in the Garden

and of course…..there’s always this fellow, waiting (sometimes) patiently ……

  Art in the Garden-001

to swim here….

it’s almost lunch time, and now it’s too hot to paint outside…. guess I’ve missed another opportunity to create art!

My inspiration for this piece came from Cottage Style Magazine.  This article was written by Debra Steilen and if you would like to see more beautiful beach inspiration click on her name.


I love the simplicity and color… if only I had the lamp, table, rope, weights and ART!

What inspires your creative side?  I’m sure you’re not a procrastinator like me….

Thanks again for stopping by, I appreciate you!

xoxo  Mary

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