Poppy Love

Hello Everyone! 

 I know it's been awhile, but I'm making up for my absent with a little "poppy love."

This garden belong's to a neighbor and friend, and I just love the color and everything about her Poppy garden.  Anyway, thought I would share it with you today, I hope you enjoy it too!

                  There's something lovely about chippy old painted chairs sitting in a flower garden.

Don't you agree?  Aren't they stunning?  I've tried to transplant some of these little beauties to my yard, but they're not having any part of it.  They're picky poppies!

 Thanks everyone for stopping by today!  Take care and I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer!

See you soon!




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Faux Painted Eggs

When I see the crocus and daffodils in bloom, it reminds me that if we had no winter the spring would not be so pleasant. It’s so nice to walk outside and hear the birds singing and building their nests. 

As I was walking around our neighborhood, I took a few photo’s of flowers that are beginning to bloom.  I’m always anxious and somewhat impatient for the temperatures to warm up during this time of year.










Painted Easter Eggs and Daffodils


While we were snow bound, I decided to faux paint some plastic Easter eggs.  I already had the acrylic paint, I did buy a can of spray flat paint at the dollar store, the eggs came from the Dollar Tree, so this little project was under $5.00.


Faux Painted Easter Eggs


I used a tooth brush with brown paint to splatter the paint on the blue eggs.  I used a wet sponge with white, brown and beige on the natural ones.  You just have to play around with the paint to get the colors, and the look you want.


Faux Painted Easter Eggs




Faux Painted Easter Eggs


If you look closely you can tell that these are plastic.  I believe if you used a spackling paste to fill in the holes, and around the seams, then slightly sand them before spray painting they would look…almost real, and much better.


Easter Bunting


I made this little bunting for the dessert bar, but I think these would be perfect for a spring baby shower.  I love the little paper roses for the tail.


Painted Easter Eggs




Faux Painted Easter Egg Tree


Since I painted several dozen eggs, I thought I would use the neutral colored ones for an egg tree.  I already had the vase…I purchased a Styrofoam sphere from Michaels, and added peat moss with a hot glue gun.  This was the most difficult of all.  I don’t believe I have ever successfully used a hot glue gun without having blisters! 




Have you tried the Green Fin wine from Trader Joe’s?  I’m hoping it’s not just a limited edition, because it’s very good.  After watching the news this morning…..it makes you think a little more about the wine you buy.  This particular brand was not one that was on the list.  I’m sure Trader Joe’s will be on top of this one, because they sell a lot of wine.


Painted Easter Eggs




Faux Painted Easter Eggs


If you’re not into DIY projects, Pier One has pastel speckled eggs.  I think their prices were 12 for $8.00. 


Painted Easter Eggs


That’s all for today friends, it’s back to touching up paint on the woodwork….we had a lot of wear and tear over the long winter.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday, and also have a fun and exciting weekend planned!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

See you soon!


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