A few Christmas Touches

Our Christmas d├ęcor is not the expected holiday formality, it’s definitely nothing fancy,  I basically decorate with things that have been in the family for years, and I look around the house and try to find inspiration for my own Christmas scheme.      






Christmas 2014

Real greenery is rather expensive, so I always add a few cuttings from the yard.


If you like mulled cider, you must try this wonderful Cranberry and Apple mulled cider.  I found the recipe here at the Inspired Room.  This cider is not only delicious, but it smells heavenly too…just like Christmas, put on some Christmas music….. you will be in the Christmas spirit in no time!


While visiting Lake Tahoe this summer, I brought back a few pine cones. I believe they have the largest pine cones, especially compared to ours, that I have ever seen.  I only wish I had room to bring back more….love decorating with pine cones.




I found two things when I was cleaning the book cases, an old book about Notre Dame, of which, I added my Rosary that I purchased there several years ago and…..


an old Hymnal that belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  She also signed her name inside the cover, along with the date of 1929.


I bet you can’t guess which one is my favorite!  I tried to get a shot of our tree, but due to the all the rain and dark grey skies,

I had somewhat of a problem…


My beloved red books…

Christmas at Lavender & Linen

This old brass bowl has been around for as long as I can remember,  I just added some fresh greenery and beads.

Mulled Cider in Moscal Mule Cup1



It’s time to get the Christmas cards in the mail, and since I have several more to go…..I guess I should get busy.

-Mantle Lavender&Linen

“Take care of all your memories….For you cannot relive them.”   -Bob Dylan

Thank you followers, and also thanks to all of you that stopped by today.

I hope you have a great week!

xxoo Mary

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A Country Drive


Hello everyone!

Are you getting ready for the Thanksgiving holidays? 

It seems to me like this year has just flown by!  

I’ve had these photo’s in my file for a few weeks, and I keep reminding myself

to post them, but it seems like something always takes priority. Anyway…here goes I hope you enjoy!


walking bridge


farm and lane with horses


Switzer Covered Bridge




Fall in KY


Fall In Frankfort KY


Horsefarm in KY


Fall in KY


Fall in KY


Fall in KY


Elkhorn Creek, Frankfort, KY


Peaksmill Road, Frankfort, KY


Fall In KY

Fall is winding down, and another year will soon be gone…..old man winter is just

waiting around the corner, and not so patiently I’m afraid….because we are expecting our first

snow on Monday…brrrrr…bah humbug!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

XO  Mary

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