Marinated Shrimp

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Like Shrimp?  Here’s a simple recipe for you! 

This winter has been a stay in doors type winter, because it’s been so cold and icy which has made it rather difficult to walk and exercise like I normally do, and going to the gym is not for me.

So….. I can feel the weight slowly creeping on… one pound at a time!  Between my husband and I, we have been making jambalaya, chicken and dumplings, chicken lasagna, and the list goes on and on….I’ve been cooking my way through Pinterest! 



Every time my husband makes this marinated shrimp, it fly's off the plate and….what I like, it’s so simple easy, even I can make it!


three seasonings



He marinates the shrimp, overnight,  in the following three things, Olive oil, Creole Seasoning and cilantro. That’s it!


marinated shrimp


My favorite is when he cooks them on the grill, but since we’ve been having Alaska’s weather he puts them in a skillet,  and pan sears them on both sides for a few minutes or until they turn this nice pinkish color…..

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marinated shrimp (2)



serves them up on a bed of rice….they are WONDERFUL, MARVELOUS, and DELISH!

You Gotta try them!


marinated shrimp


I would like to thank Deborah at Green Willow Pond for choosing my little message board as one of her picks to feature on her blog.  I was very surprised!

Thanks again everyone for visiting and I hope you have a great week

…. see you soon!


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