Watch out for the Stonewalkers!

I found this book in the library today, I think it’s been around since my youngest daughter was in Jr. High, ahem, that’s been a little while.  As I was glancing through, I could see how it would hold a preteen’s attention, especially, if they like mysteries.   Thanks to Pic Monkey I was able to add a little spooky Halloween ambience to some of my photo’s.

lavender & linen's Halloween 007 

I haven’t read this book, but I believe it’s about garden statues assembled on the moor from local graveyards and gardens that come to life.  Anyway….I switched it up a bit for a little Halloween humor.  My Halloween d├ęcor came from things I already had around the house or the Good Will store.

lavender & linen's Halloween 008

A small black cat came out from between two gravestones. It was thin and frightened and had yellow scary eyes! It was no night for the young cat to be out.  It ran quickly down the path toward the front porch of a house near the graveyard, stooped and peered with its doomed yellow eyes into the deeper shadows within. He slipped through the cracked open door and suddenly realized a figure was standing close by. There was something very familiar about this house…

lavender & linen's Halloween 023

The young cat , always hopeful, always hungry walked toward this figure, uttering the most pitiful cries.  It stopped. Wrong smell. 

lavender & linen's Halloween 076

Well…. perhaps not. He caught a glimpse of the most delicious looking rat, he started licking his whiskers, he could only imagine what a delicacy he was in for when right at that moment the blood dripping candles lit up with an unnatural brilliance.

lavender & linen's Halloween 089

The little cat hesitated, then fled past the pale figure, into the room. and crouched trembling as thunder crashed outside.

lavender & linen's Halloween 013

He looked beside him and there was Mr. funny bones showing his dirty and scary teeth. The cat backed away and began to wash itself vigorously.

lavender & linen's Halloween 065

Suddenly, another candle lit up on the opposite side of the room…. at a glance he knew he was in the right place.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little sip of bourbon or maybe a glass of red wine to CALM his nerves?

lavender & linen's Halloween 144

Before he had a chance to take that first sip of bourbon he heard the gruff, deep,raspy voice of Godfrey, the butler.  He remembered Godfrey from the stories he had heard from all of the other cats in the graveyard.  Godfrey only allowed golden retrievers in this house, which made him cringe more and more, and there were similar stories about the spoiled golden retriever who chased and terrified cats!

lavender & linen's Halloween 126

Low and behold, as if things couldn’t get any worse, he looked up and there was the Raven…right out of the Edgar Allen Poe book, repeating over and over…Nevermore, Nevermore! 

lavender & linen's Halloween 189

Ms. Funny Bones began to mumble, “Ah’m here!  The cat was so weak…. all that came out was a squeak so high the rat’s were distracted from their cheese cloche….they actually thought he might be a reincarnated relative. She began to speak, more faintly, please hear me….there’s something funny going on in this house tonight, my advice to you is to SCAT! 

At that moment he had to make a run for it.  Was it back to the cold, dark graveyard where the Stonewalkers lived or to the GW store to be purchased by strangers? 

lavender & linen's Halloween 114

To be continued……’til next Halloween! 

Some people never grow up! Smile

Thanks for stopping by and please watch out for the Stonewalkers!

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Katherine Wolak said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love that idea, stonewalkers... creepy! :) Also, love your decor here! Absolutely fab! :D


Red Rose Alley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I really like your Raven. Nel dressed up as a Raven one Halloween and held up the sign "Nevermore." Mr. Bones has a delightful face, and I really like how you created a haunted effect on your pictures, very clever. Your house is looking quite spooky for Halloween. Oh, to answer your question...No, I didn't buy any of the costumes. I used to dress up when I was younger because we went to Halloween parties, but now, I'm happy just giving the little kids candy when they come to my door.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Thank's for your comment!

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