Herbs & Thanksgiving


Hello friends! 

This week has been a busy one, gearing up for a fun Thanksgiving

dinner with friends and family.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a week away?

Thanksgiving 080

Everyone suggested having Thanksgiving at the lake cottage so…

I’ve been making a list of things to do and bring before leaving.

  Thanksgiving 061

This year the sage has been so plentiful and healthy, I know I’ll be taking bunches of it for flavoring.

Thanksgiving 067

I’ve decided on a dressing recipe that calls for fresh sage and cranberries. 

(I can’t believe this sage survived last night’s frost!)

lavender & linen featured in Ky Garden-7

On food network, they suggest if you use fresh ingredients and real butter….you can’t mess up ..right?

Thanksgiving 093

There happens to be a REAL chef, who teaches

at a culinary school, that will be joining us on Thanksgiving.

I’m going to have to step up my game!

I’m so thankful that a good friend will be arriving a few days early to

help me out!  Whew!

Thanksgiving 010

I’ve switched from cooking to…..walking and nature.

The frost was so heavy this morning it almost looked like snow.

Thanksgiving 023

Birds were everywhere! 

lavender & linen featured in Ky Garden-17

I thought I was in the bird movie! 

lavender & linen featured in Ky Garden-15


Thanksgiving 031

My little buddy is so happy, because he loves cold weather, and the fact that he just scared all of those birds.

Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?

I’d love to hear all about it!

Take care!

See you soon!

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Daphne Bryson said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good Morning Mary, I love cranberry sauce, it is something I always make to go with our Christmas turkey. I cannot believe your sage plant survived the winter frost, as the frost looks so harsh. Mine has completely disappeared with our first frost. The photo of your little buddy is so lovely, he looks very happy running around, disturbing the birds....he seems to be having great fun. Have a lovely day, Best Wishes Daphne

Karen said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love my dressing with cranberries and sage and all kinds of other goodies too. Your pictures are really pretty. I hope your Thanksgiving was fun and happy. Thanks so much for visiting me!

Thank's for your comment!

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