Spray Paint! Isn't it wonderful?

 We’ve had these old candleholders since the 70’s.   Anyway…..I have way too much matchy, matchy in my house.  I thought I would give them a nice coat of black spray paint and modern them up just a little.

stairwell mirrors 001

 stairwell mirrors 002

After…….. (new candles from Pier One)

stairwell mirrors 015

stairwell mirrors 026

stairwell mirrors 013


stairwell mirrors 009

I almost forgot.   I made another French Grain Sack pillow for our family reunion’s silent auction on Saturday.  I hope someone bids on it!

stairwell mirrors 004

She’s a cutie!

stairwell mirrors 006

 I’ve been scrubbing and cleaning and trying to get the CLUTTER out of my house.  How do you keep the clutter out of your house? 

stairwell mirrors 027

stairwell mirrors 030

stairwell mirrors 034

Well….I’ve got to run little peeps because company’s coming and I still have more cleaning and cooking to do.  I’ll see you in a few!  I really do appreciate you stopping by.  

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Stacey said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Your home is really pretty. I love the mix of old and frenchy that you have.

Clutter isn't much of a problem for me. I'm obsessive about things not being cluttered. If my guys leave something in the wrong place for too long...it might disappear...forever. :) We have lots of organizations that call for donations. I always put out a sack of something for them to pick up.

Thank's for your comment!

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