All play and no work

Hello there friends!  We’ve been at our lake cottage this week and we decided to take the day off from gardening to enjoy the lake. Especially since it’s going to be in the 90’s.  Yes!  It’s been very HOT and there doesn’t seem to be a break in sight so I guess we’ll just hang out at the lake!

Capton Albert

KY Lake on the Pontoon 004

We docked our boat at Moore’s Resort and had lunch.   Albert was allowed to join us.

KY Lake on the Pontoon 056 KY Lake on the Pontoon 062 Loved the chairs!  Especially the color. You can’t tell by the picture but the tops of the chairs are fish heads.

KY Lake on the Pontoon 061

KY Lake on the Pontoon 063  Tasty charcoal burgers!  Of course our little crumb snatcher was under the table just waiting for a crumb.

outside today at grand rivers 049outside today at grand rivers 050

After a day of swimming and boating…..he’s all tuckered out.

KY Lake on the Pontoon 072

outside today at grand rivers 036You know…. we treat this dog like our grand child.  That’s what happens when you are grand childless!:-)

Thanks so very much for stopping by Lavender and Linen.   Hope to see you again soon!  

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