Granite Cheese Tray

Do you like trays as well as I do? My co-worker made this tray for me last year for Christmas. Since then I have made several and given away for gifts. I'm sorry but I didn’t have this blog when I made mine, therefore, I will not be able to show you step by step directions…. but it's really not that difficult.
Go to a granite wholesaler.  Lowes or Home Depot will not have left over granite, they only buy from a wholesaler. It has to be a wholesaler where they have large slabs of granite. Visit and ask if they have any leftover pieces (because they are only going to put these in the dumpster anyway) and….. we are all about going green and reusing. They usually have some very unusual colors and, of course, all granite is beautiful!

Place the top side (shiny) on a thick towel, use a chisel and hammer and start shaping. If you have a grinder saw that would be even better because after you shape it the way you like, you can grind down  any sharp edges. You can use different things you may find at a flea market for your feet. (Be creative) I used gorilla glue to attach the knobs.  Just make sure that what ever you use they aren't flat because you want the feet to show..…. now you have a cheese tray with personality for basically free! That’s all there is to it!

Smooth the edges

Glue on the feet



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