The End of Summer

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, but I think I’ve made up for my absence by sharing several photo’s of one of my favorite flowers, zinnia’s.

My neighbor, at the lake house, sowed his raised garden full of all colors of zinnia’s. It was so much fun watching the hummingbirds, butterflies and bee’s buzzing around this beautiful flower garden.

I didn’t begin to capture the beauty of this garden, but I hope you get some idea and enjoy.
bowl of zennia's in garden
Butterfly on Zennia
old faded zennia
faded pink zennia
old faded zennia
Old scale with pink zennia's
French vase with zennia's
fall in the courtyard
leaf on rat fountain
maggie and zennia's
zennia's in copper cup

Oh yes… I brought several cuttings home with me to use in my garden in town.

Tribute on my best buddy

My best friend and little blogging buddy lost his long fight with cancer last month. He has been in so many photo’s on this blog, he loved the camera and we were always together. We truly miss him, but it’s also comforting to know that he is no longer in pain.

We’re happy to have Maggie. She’s not Albert, but she is going to be a great dog. She’s actually going to her first obedience class tonight. Wish us luck!

Thanks friends for stopping by today. I hope you have enjoyed your summer. Take care and enjoy this cooler fall weather!

xo, Mary & Maggie

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