Little French Table

Happy New Year everyone!

We are spending New Year’s at the lake cottage.

It’s been a lot of fun even though the weather has been anything but pleasant.  I hesitated taking photo’s because it’s rained constantly, the dark grey skies makes it difficult to get very much natural light, but decided to write a post anyway.

The last time we were here, I painted a little side table that we only use only when we have extra company.

Photo's of chalk painted table (24 of 34)

This little table was actually fine before,  but I wanted to lighten it up a bit.

Photo's of chalk painted table (34 of 34)

I first painted it with a regular cream latex paint, but when I started to distress the edges and legs, it peeled off in chunks…even after it was first sanded.  Since that didn’t work, my sister in law, suggested I try painting it with Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. She and my niece have taken chalk painting classes, and have finished several beautiful pieces.

I’m so thankful that she left her brushes and waxes for me to use on this piece.  It can get pricy when you purchase the paint, along with the brushes and waxes.  However, if you have several pieces you want to paint, it’s worth the extra cost.

Photo's of chalk painted table (26 of 34)

If you’re interested in seeing the different colors and finishes, click on Pinterest, also check out this link, and it will show you how to mix the colors to get the look you want.

Photo's of chalk painted table (1 of 34) New Years Eve photo for 2015 blog post This was taken several years ago, at New Years, but it seems I always kept it covered. Even though it’s not perfect,  It’s so much better than the dark, uneven varnish.

It’s perfectly…..imperfect!

Photo's of chalk painted table (28 of 34) The best part….

20150101-New Years Eve Food (2 of 11)

20150101-New Years Eve Food (3 of 11)

New Years Eve Food (1 of 11)

black eyed peas, corned beef and cabbage!

  I grew up in a Southern family eating black-eyed peas and cabbage on New Year's Day.  It was and still is a tradition that is supposed to bring good luck, and financial prosperity in the coming year. One can only hope!


Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? 

That’s all for today friend. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite Irish Blessings.

May your pockets be heavy and your

heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

~Irish Blessing

wishing you good luck for the new year!

love, Mary



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Red Rose Alley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Mary, I thought I commented on this delightful post, but I guess not. Your little French table is so charming and the table setting is very nice. I noticed the fish candle holder right away, that's so unique and pretty. I haven't had corned beef and cabbage in such a long time, but my husband is part Irish and loves this dish.

We are starting to get some sun here, but I heard this weekend it may rain a bit. Have a good rest of the week, Mary. Thank you for your comment on my 'eyes' post. I appreciate it so much.


Thank's for your comment!

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