Sailing Into Action

We’re loving these beautiful sunshiny days!   

Anyway, with all this sunshine,

I was motivated to get a few of these sweet little sailboats finished and

on their way.

♥ Sailboats 002-001


There’s just something about the feel and look of “real” driftwood.

Each and every little piece has a story to tell.

♥ Sailboats 024-001




♥ Sailboats 045-001


These look great on mantels or just about anywhere you would want

to put them.  They’re especially great for a lake house or cottage.

This one is sitting on the window sill in our black and white bathroom.

 ♥ Sailboats 012-001


I found some left over ticking which turned out to be just enough

for this one. 


sailboats 004-001


This little “French” sailboat sailed away within two hours of completion.

We have one more to make and it will be sailing to N.C.




From what I’ve been reading,

I’m not the only one that will miss picnik.

  I’ve looked at a few other programs,

but I guess it’s true, the older you get the less you

like change.  I can’t do this but I’m thinking about doing it anyway, Photoshop that is.

Take care everyone and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Please stop by Beneath My Heart to see many more great DIY projects!


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