1970’s Kitchen Makeover



Hello everyone! 

Today I’m sharing a few photo’s of a friends new kitchen.


Ruthie's new kitchen 008-1


This beautiful begonia is the first thing you see when you walk into the kitchen.


Ruthie's new kitchen 039-1


Her son was the architect and designer of this kitchen….. he knew just what she wanted.


Ruthie's new kitchen 005-1


With so many full length windows she has several different

views of her gardens.


Ruthie's new kitchen 004-1


The floor was made from a thick solid oak laminate and painted with a black lacquer paint.

I wonder how this would work with a golden retriever?


Ruthie's new kitchen 061-1


She also has a son that makes beautiful pottery.

Creativity must run in the family because her quilting is  amazing.


Ruthie's new kitchen 046-1




Ruthie's new kitchen 012-1


It’s clean, uncluttered and has a modern industrial twist.


Ruthie's new kitchen 019-1


Love the industrial sink and concrete counter tops!


Ruthie's new kitchen 034



Ruthie's new kitchen 010-1


Look closely at the counter top….do you see the dark glass in the


Ruthie's new kitchen 101-1


This is how it looks after dark! The whole kitchen lights up!

The glow comes from bits of glass that’s in the concrete.

I wish I could have taken a photo of the whole kitchen.

but my camera

kept saying…not enough light.

Now…I’m seriously thinking about painting and decluttering my kitchen.

Wish me luck!

Stay Warm and I will see you soon!

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