Painting Concrete


The husband and I have been at the lake cottage all week


hydrangas and flower garden 016


trying to catch up on a little gardening,  a little


blog 001


house cleaning along with the addition of a few fall touches  before

weekend company arrives.


I’m sure some of you already knew this but for some reason I didn’t realize sedum was so easy to grow.

I put a cutting in a glass of water, left if for a few weeks, now its ready to plant!

Love these plants and I think the butterflies do as well. 


blog 006


Since the weather has been cooler we thought it would be a great time

to repaint our old chipped concrete porch.

We used Restore Concrete Finisher .



2011-09-15 blog


We’ve used this paint before on the back patio of this house.

It’s been the only thing that would actually stick and not chip off.

One of the greatest things about it…. it’s skid proof, even when it’s wet.


blog 029


blog 015

A little burnt orange acrylic paint was added to the Rattan rug for color.


blog 027

One project down and many more to go.

I’m loving this fall weather….

Thank you for stopping by my blog,

here’s to a beautiful week!

See you soon!

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Home is whenever I'm with you said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Aunt Mary! I absolutely LOVE it! :o) It looks beautiful!

Brandi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Looks like such a nice place to relax. I hope you enjoyed your time away! I love your flower pics. I will have to remember to add some sedum to my flower beds. thanks for sharing!!

Thank's for your comment!

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