~Sunset on KY Lake~


Hello everyone!


I realize this post isn’t exactly about Rome, the post I promised after Venice, but we had a terrible electrical storm last Tuesday and it totally wiped out my PC.  Wouldn’t you know I had my photos uploaded and ready to hit publish!  Luckily my husband worked quickly and saved most of my European photos.  We’re so fortunate that it was only our PC and not our home.

In the meantime we decided to visit the lake cottage. 

After a little gardening, painting and etc.  I decided to take a lake break.

lake tonight 008

When I  reached Lighthouse Landing the sun was just starting to go down and thankfully so were the temperatures!

lake tonight 016

These  little guys came swimming by…..

lake tonight 022

followed by wild geese ….

lake tonight 030

a barge.

lake tonight 036

In a matter of minutes it started getting darker and the sun was getting brighter.

lake tonight 042

My thoughts began to wonder….. how fortunate I was to be able to sit here and take in all of this beauty.  I also thought about all the lovely places Alise and I visited during our European travels.

lake tonight 044

Our creator is such a wonderful artist and he really does spread his art all around!

lake tonight 047

Can you see why Southern Living Magazine rated this area as one of the top 5 places for beautiful sunsets?   

lake tonight 049

As the golden ball of fire begins to melt behind the hill,

lake tonight 050

all is strangely quiet 

lake tonight 051

very peaceful and surreal.

lake tonight 052

After the sun sets… it’s the beginning of night


time for me to go….

until next time!

I hope you catch a sunset soon!


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How beautiful! It looks so peaceful and I LOVE sunsets. Sunrises too ~ :-)

Thanks for sharing!

Gypsy Heart said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates
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