It’s Alice in Wonderland Un-Wedding Tea Party!

What’s that you say? If you’re familiar with the story of Alice and Wonderland then you’ll get it. We were in N.C. last weekend for, my niece Jerrica and husband JJ’s, un-wedding tea party. They wanted a casual, simple, no fuss, stress free party, and that was exactly how it turned out to be.
The tea party was in her parent’s back yard that backs up to a beautiful lake.

Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 124-1
Jerrica and her good friend Olivia made all of the flower arrangements.  They added wild ferns from the woods.
The ball jars were perfect.
Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 084-2
My sister in law used her stash of colorful fabric for the tables.
Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 097-1
She added different patterns of teacups that she purchased from various thrift stores.
The caters furnished mix matched china.
Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 099

Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 089
The lake was so lovely …..
Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 102-1

Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 128-1
The food was delicious! 
Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 134
It was a good thing we had a tent because it did rain off and on all day.
Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 150
The cake was heavenly… especially with the yummy butter cream icing.
Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 110
My brother made the photo booth and my sister in law and niece added the wallpaper and accessories. It was such a a big hit!  In fact we are going to use it again for our family reunion. 
Vintage hats, boa's…..
Aren’t they cute? 
Olivia was such a big help with party. 
Sorry about the quality of some of the pictures.  I kind of snatched them off of Facebook.
The animals were quiet, except for the ducks, it was like they knew everyone was watching and they had to provide the entertainment.  Now isn’t that the cutest cat…she is loving her baby and thanks to the hardworking chickens, I came home with fresh country fresh eggs.
Where are the dogs? I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the dogs, especially since I’m the dog lover in the family!  Anyway they have two cute dogs.
My brother and I were both born and raised on a farm and I really do miss it sometimes!  I didn’t care for it too much when I was younger, because everyone in the household had to work hard, including the kids and teenagers, but I realize now just how lucky we were. 
Jerrica's Outdoor Unwedding Party 191-1 
Ahhh, the best seat in the house!  I loved sitting here early in the morning with a cup of coffee, watching the ducks.

reception 083
The next day they packed their car full of goodies, along with their cute dog and drove 31 hours to Arizona.  We are so thankful they arrived safely.   
Congratulations and Best Wishes JJ and Jerrica! We wish you both a great future together!  
Thanks everyone!  I hope you have a great week and holiday!

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What a delightful event! The tables with the gorgeous arrangements looked so pretty! And the photo booth looked like a great idea -- such fun!

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