Where do you get your decorating inspiration?  I would say I get most of my inspiration  from all of you.  Your ideas and tutorials are so clear that even I can duplicate a few of them.  Anyway this week I decided to go through my enormous stack of decor magazines and start eliminating a few when I saw this 2009 Country Living magazine and there it was…. inspiration from Caroline Scheeler. 

She incorporates her childhood passion and love of horses to classic films to graceful antiques.  She doesn’t like anything too fussy in her home and they’re not coaster people.  My segments exactly!  I thought I would share a few pictures of her beautiful home.

   I love how she uses the horse collar mirror for a hat rack.




This Belgium couch is super duper! 


She uses this beautiful old hutch as a bar.   







I love this black and white horse picture. 

You can check out the link above if you want to read more about her style of decorating.

After all of her lovelies I’m almost hesitant to show you my stuff  but here goes.

Since we live in horse country I have always enjoyed a little horse decor throughout our home.


bathroom revamp 049-1

I’ve used this old horse collar mirror in our vintage bathroom for many years.

 house 005

I painted the inside of our old secretary white.

 house 008

It now holds bar glasses and a few family memento's.

house pictures again 025


house pictures again 023


  house 013 

I’m checking into having this old vintage couch reupholstered similar to hers.  I found these tips from Emily Henderson today.  She’s the host of HGTV’s Secrets From a Stylist:  Reupholster vintage pieces with panache. Look at the lines.  Keep it Simple.  Use solid heavy linen or cotton velvet, because it’s expensive to have something reupholstered. Use piping and tufting.  If it is an antique, made of quality wood, don’t paint 

house 014-1 

  The living room has a fresh coat of paint.  Hallelujah!  It was a job but amazingly there wasn’t any overturned paint cans and very few oops.  After forty years of painting maybe I’m finally learning how to paint.:-)  There’s a few more changes I will be posting soon but for now……

the boss says he’s ready to play ball!

house 203-1


walk in south fkt 018-2

We have these lovely daffodils blooming all over town.  When you see these happy little faces you know spring has arrived.:-)

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Have a beautiful day. 

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Kristi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh be still my heart! I just LOVE that first picture with all the horse and equine things! I am going to steal this for inspiration for my "library"!! After 13 yrs, I'm back in the saddle again too :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

mississippi artist said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love everything about these pictures. The horse collar is great in your bathroom-I need one! I love that black and white tray on your secretary.

Thank's for your comment!

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