Where can a ghoul go to rest her tired bones?

Have you seen Better Homes and Gardens Halloween issue this month?   They have the theme of Dead & Breakfast Inn with the Butler and skeletons. 
I thought I would copy a few of their ideas.  Here’s a sneak preview of what I’ve done so far.  
A good friend gave me the trays and the chair was from my preschool.  
2010-09-16 Karen's 31 birthday Here’s a little version of my Dead & Breakfast Inn 
 halloween 2010 011
This piece of wood came out of my neighbors trash.
2010 halloween 023
halloween 2010 014
Walter, our butler, will probably be moving to the dinning room but he is outside this afternoon for his photo shoot.  I’m not so sure about the dead bugs sign.  It looks a little too cluttered. 
halloween 2010 013
When the skeleton speaks his eyes light up.  He’s kind of spooky!  Would you believe he was originally $49.99 at Walgreens last year?   I stopped by the day after Halloween and he was only $12.00!   See! Even fate is adding to my Halloween mania! :o)
2010 halloween 008
A couple of little witches I found at Pier One a couple of years ago.  They were $3.00 each.  I put one on the front gate and one on the back gate of the courtyard.
2010 halloween 015Do you have arachnophobia?
2010 halloween 022 Bob Harley is now a orangey red head.
halloween 2010 005 I found this metal votive candle holder at Goodwill for $2.00.  It was white and gold. I spray painted it black and now it works great for outside dinning. 
Here’s a few things I added from previous years.
2010 Halloween (8) 
2010 Halloween (10)
2010 Halloween Dollar store skeletons
  I will be adding more in the next few weeks but for now, just remember, once you check in you’ll never LEAVE! :o)
I will meet you over at 100 Ideas under $100 at Beyond the Picket Fence, motivate me Monday
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