Liberty Hall Gardens

Hello everyone!

Albert and I took a long walk yesterday, between rain showers, and visited the gardens at Liberty Hall. This is an old property that was built for John Brown in 1796 – 1803.  Who was John Brown?  He was the founding father of Kentucky and if you’re interested in reading more about this property you can read it here at this site.


It was so quiet and peaceful, and the legend goes that there is a ghost, the gray lady,  that lives in the house.  She’s been seen looking out from the upstairs window, however, she must have been taking a nap today because we didn’t see her.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get photo’s of the house, but Albert was with me sooo…. we stayed in the back garden.

These two little daises looked like they were hugging each other.  Did you know flowers have personalities?


I would love to have an all white garden, they seem so serene and eloquent.  

When my daughter and I visited Charleston last fall, we saw several lovely windows boxes planted with all white flowers.  My daughter liked them so well she took pictures and saved them on her iPhone.  She talked me into planting our flower boxes in all white this year, although I couldn’t find the exact same flowers, I’m hoping they will look something like Charleston's.

“Gardens are not made by singing 'Oh, how beautiful!' and sitting in the shade.”
Rudyard Kipling

This quote is oh so true…when you see a lovely garden, there’s a hard worker behind it.

Well friends that’s the end of our exploring for today….hope you enjoy.

See you soon and take care! 

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Liberty Hall Gardens is lovely, and these pictures are amazing. I love the little bee, and that looks like a peony to me? So glad you went on a trip with your daughter, those memories will last forever.


Thank's for your comment!

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