Dried Flowers for Winter


Hello Friends,

I’ve been doing a little fluffing and cleaning around the house and even though we’re just getting into winter, I’m already dreaming about Spring. 


Pic Monkey Collage









This was my first experience of drying Peonies….I’m thinking of wrapping them in tissue paper and maybe storing them in a box so they will keep their shape.  If you dry flowers, what’s your take on storing them? 

I planted a few more last fall, so I’m hoping they will make it through this, colder than usual,  winter. 


January 2014




Dried Flowers


The white ones turned out to be an old antique white color and the pink ones seems to turn a little darker shade of pink and

the deep burgundy ones turned very dark.  


January 2014 2


Hydrangeas are the easiest flower to dry…or they are for me.  We have the most wonderful Hydrangea bushes at the lake cottage, I usually try to dry some of them when they are in the pretty French blue stage, but we didn’t make it down during that time of the year, so I dried them after they turned green, in the fall.  I think they’re just as pretty…they have little touches of deep purple mixed in with the pretty green color.


Keys from France




dried hydrangeas




dried flowers





Dried Lavender…..what more can I say!   It’s one of the best and the fragrance is wonderful.

Thanks so much for stopping by and…..   

have a wonderful week end!  See you soon!


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