Brunch in the courtyard

We have had flooding this week in our little river town.  I know from experience how devastating it can be to have your home or business flooded.   Our business was flooded several times and it pains me to think of all of the hard work that is involved to get things back to some kind of order.  My thoughts and prayers go out to the flood victims in Nashville as well as here in our state.
On a good note, it’s beautiful here today and I’m going to have brunch and dinner in the courtyard.

Let’s go for a little stroll.
court yard 039
Front garden
court yard 035
My philodendron a few days ago
court yard 011
Here it is today.  It finally bloomed for the first time!  Hooray!
court yard 021
court yard 041
Would you believe I got these geraniums at Lowes on their discount shelf for .80 each?
court yard 049
This fern for $6.00.
court yard 048
They will look better after a few weeks of tender loving care.
Bob Marley got a new hair style….

court yard 026

I found this outdoor fabric at Wal-Mart's close out sale last year for $3.00 a yard.

court yard 055
I found these green Melamine dishes at Wal-Mart. 
court yard 052
I love to use my potted  herbs for center pieces.
court yard 054
This old screen door was original to the house.  We found it in the basement.  My husband attached it to the end of the Pergola and I LOVE it.
 court yard 101
I found these handmade glass ceiling fan pulls in New Orleans.
court yard 118
court yard 121
court yard 081
We got the old bricks for the floor from an old distillery that was torn down. 
They make the courtyard look and feel as if it has been here for years.
court yard 113
court yard 117
 Albert likes the feel of the cool brick’s in the morning.
court yard 040
or the garden bench.
court yard 020
Hummm…it’s almost time 
court yard 061
Think I’ll just relax and have a
court yard 047
Bloody Mary.  YUM!
There’s nothing more relaxing than trickling water.
court yard 023
Yep! That’s right!  It’s a rat fountain!  Google rat fountain if you are interested. 
Moe is their cousin and he sits in the Hosta garden.
court yard 022
One of my favorite thing’s to do is to sit in the garden and look at recipe books.
court yard 110
Did you get the new Ballard’s Design Catalog this week?  Wasn’t it just yummy?
court yard 064

I think I need a refill.
court yard 068
Thanks for the visit!  Hope to see you all in the courtyard again soon. :-)
 court yard 124
Look at his face!  I believe he’s been in the Bloody Mary’s!
Hope you have a great weekend!
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