Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Let the Good Times Roll!  Hey! There's a big party going on in New Orleans right now!  I have a friend that's visiting NOLA for the first time this week.  She keeps asking me, "what should I expect?"  My advice to her was to please go with an open mind.  You hear good things and bad things it's really up to the individual. As for me and my family we certainly enjoy the food experience, we love jazz and the overall diversity of the city.  We love history, old buildings so.....I feel like if you enjoy several of these things then you should have fun.

To celebrate Marti Gras and NOLA's tradition, here in my home town, I always hang my flag and throw a few beads around.  Let's see now....what's missing? Oh...just great jazz, seafood gumbo, oyster poboy's, oysters on the half shell w/lemon, hotsauce and crackers, jambalaya, beignets and hot chocolate at the Cafe De Monde....these are just a few things right off the top of my hat not to mention many, many more. When did you say we were leaving? OK...give me a minute to pack a few things. I'll be right back!>

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