Dollar tree remake

This project is just about everywhere on the Webb, but I thought I would show you the one I made for our bathroom.  Very easy and inexpensive.
  Clear Vase at the Dollar TreeAlbert 021

Candle holder – Dollar Tree
Albert 020
Print off the font you would like to use…I wanted a large fat one.
Albert 022
Etching cream – Craft Store
Albert 023
Taped to contact paper and taped on the window… traced letter.
 Albert 024
Stick to the vase….cut out your letter with you X-acto knife
Albert 025
Use a brush to put on the etching cream and wait 15 minutes, or follow the instructions on the bottle.
Albert 026
This one is a little messy…needs some cleaning.
february 2010 002
Glue the candle holder to the bottle with gorilla glue or what ever you have and viola!  Enjoy
Any questions…email me.
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