Pansies–growing a cool weather favorite


Hello Friends!

We’re having beautiful weather this week!

It’s been perfect for planting a few of my cool weather favorite’s….the pansy!


fall 042


I stopped by Lowes and these little purple pansies were just calling my name.


fall 033


My garden was pretty much over flowing with plants already, however,

I always seem to manage to find room for just one more.


fall 057

I’m wondering… could I possibly be a plant hoarder?Smile

Since pansies love the cooler weather

they will be perfect

for adding a little color to the fall garden on up to winter.


fall 073


The cooler weather is starting to put me in the fall mood.


fall 058


I’m thinking with company coming in a few weeks….


fall 077


I really should be concentrating on the inside décor…but,


fall 085


here lately…I find myself getting distracted by these beautiful fall days.


fall 084


We really do need to enjoy them while we can because

we know what’s ahead…right?


fall 025


Along life's journey, we always need 

a few pansies to ease the heart.


fall 117


Don’t let him fool you, this is his sad look

….. it works like a charm!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

I really do appreciate each and every ONE of YOU!

Have a beautiful weekend and I’ll see you soon!


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Red Rose Alley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That is one of the prettiest purples that I've seen. Love the pansies... and the quote. The weather is getting cooler here and I am ready for Fall. Happy weekend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Barbara Lilian said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hi just found you from Ivy ,Phyliss & Me. how lovely to see Pansies, one of my favourite autumn plantes. I love to paint them in watercolour. I've put you on my blogs to follow. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

Thank's for your comment!

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