Sneak Peak

 Hi there little peeps!  I’ve been a busy lady for the past three days.  I’ve been clearing a flower garden full of weeds, planting a herb garden plus many more things thrown in.  But….I’ve also taken time to attend a style show and lunch at the community center plus a small town cookout yesterday.  It’s so much fun here in Grand Rivers.  I think I’ll move here.:-)

Here’s a sneak preview of what I’ve been up too.  I hope I get finished tomorrow.

Getty 014

Getty 015

                             Our little town is still trying to recover from the flood.

sneak preview 001

                                          Our Park is still under water.sneak preview 009

 You know you don’t have anything to blog about when you show pictures of your dog so…..

sneak preview 002

                                       See the ducks….so did Albert.

sneak preview 014

What?   After all I’m a bird dog!  I stayed in the golf cart while three red hatters pattied my head but ducks, “no way.”

sneak preview 012

OK!  I”ve scared the ducks away, now let’s throw a little ball.

sneak preview 013

                                                 or how about a stick.

sneak preview 029

sneak preview 033

sneak preview 035

I just have to show you my neighbors knock out roses on the way to the cottage.

Getty 002

Aren’t they beautiful?

Getty 012

Getty 006

That’s all for now folks!  Hope you have a great weekend because we are!:-)

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